The Green Zone Initiative has been in the news a little bit lately, and we hope to see more of it in the future.  The concept, which we are developing a webpage for now, is to better align the services to veterans, military members, and their families through various means.  In the last few months, the program has really picked up steam.

One of the things we are doing in our information gathering phase is holding statewide convening on our specific focus areas--higher education, workforce development, and wellness.  Starting in May, we held our first convening on Higher Education at UNR.  In June and July we held workforce development convenings in Reno and Las Vegas.  And then last week, on July 11th, we held our first wellness convening in Elko.  All of these meetings have done a great deal for us in our efforts to better align services and deliver the best support possible to our veterans.

As this project unfolds, we will be sharing the news here and through other media.  It's an exciting process, and I believe it will have a great impact on what we are trying to do statewide.