Educational Benefits for Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs education laws are very complex. This section is for general information only. Do not rely on this information to find out if you are eligible for education benefits. To receive a formal decision from the V.A., you must file a claim for benefits. Most schools and training centers should have some one to help assist you with this process.

There are two requirements that trump the others:

1. RECEIVE A FULLY HONORABLE DISCHARGE: Discharges of under honorable conditions and general do not establish eligibility for the MBIG-AD. This may be up to discussion with the VA if you had more than one period of service and at least one of those is a fully honorable discharge. You may also go online and apply for a discharge upgrade.

2. COMPLETED HIGH SCHOOL: Obtain an equivalency certificate, or complete 12 hours towards a college degree, before you apply for benefits.

NOTE: The 12 hours towards a college degree is a change in eligibility rules effective as of November 1st 2000. If you were not previously eligible this may provide a 2nd chance.


There are several different types of the MGIB/ Assistance available to Veterans and their family: All of these have their own requirements outside of the two mentioned previously.

1. Montgomery G.I. Bill for Active Duty
2. Montgomery G.I. Bill for Selected Reserve
3. Montgomery G.I. Bill Reserve Educational Assistance Program
4. Dependent Educational Assistance Program


Types of Training Available to Veterans

(A state agency or VA must approve each program offered by a school or company)

With this in mind you may receive benefits for a wide variety of approved training. This training is subject to restrictions and is different with each type of eligibility.

1. Under graduate or graduate degree at a College or University including:

  • An accredited independent study program (which may be offered through distance education), leading to a standard college degree.

  • A cooperative training program. A full time program alternating school instruction and job training in a business or industrial establishment.

2. A certificate or diploma from a business, technical school or vocational school, including cooperative programs.

3. Accredited independent study courses leading to a certificate at colleges, universities, and other degree- granting educational institutions.

4. An apprenticeship or on the job training (OJT) program offered by a company or union. Apprenticeships or OJT programs may offer an alternative to college or vocational school for helping you gain experience in the field you choose.

5. A correspondence course

6. Flight training. You must have a private pilot certificate and meet the medical requirements for the desired certificate when you begin training.

7. Programs over seas that lead to a college degree.


Dependents Education Assistance: has some differences.

1. A correspondence course may be taken only if you are a SPOUSE.

2. You may take a farm cooperative course.

3. You may take a preparatory course or college or graduate school entrance examination.

4. A high school program, if you aren’t a high school graduate.


Other Types of training Benefits Offered:

1. Training to help you run a small business

2. Tutorial assistance

3. Receive accelerated payment for high cost, high technology programs.

4. Test for license or certification.

5. Remedial, deficiency or refresher training

6. Work study benefits

7. Vocational rehabilitation and employment if you have a service connected disability rated by the VA at 10% or more.

NOTE: You can not receive both MGIB-AD and vocational rehabilitation at the same time.

There are different restrictions on training for each type of eligibility and training you must discuss this with the Department of Veterans Affairs.


How to Apply for Montgomery G.I. Bill Benefits:

Printed Form: You may obtain the printed application form in several ways.

1. Go to click on Education Forms and download VA form 22-1990. Print “Chapter 1607” on the top of the VA form.

2. You may be able to pick up the application from the school or training facility you’re attending.

3. Send the VA an email. Go to and click on Ask a Question and Find Answers.


Apply on-line:

1. Go to and click on Electronic Application. Follow the instructions on the web site. You must print the signature page and send it to the VA, since they need an original signature to begin payments. Print “Chapter 1607 - REAP” on the top of the signature page to allow them to identify this program.

2. If you’re on active duty, your Education Services Officer must also sign your application.


For more information you may go to: , or call 1-888-827-1000. Visit this site for up-to-date information on this and other education benefits.

Here are some other web sites you may find useful: –Department of Defense Site for Defense Activities Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). –the Department of Education. – the Coalition of America’s Colleges and Universities. – the Department of labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) site. - the University of Nevada Reno Veterans page

There is no program allowing veterans to transfer their MGIB-AD benefits to dependents.