• Sep 21, 2020
  • 5:30 AM

Veterans in Care

The Nevada Department of Veterans Services has launched a “first of its kind” initiative that has not been done in any other state.  This is a continuation of the commitment to have Nevada be the most veteran friendly state in the nation.  The initiative is an effort to find our “silent veteran heroes” who may reside in community settings, and are not enrolled in the VA system or are not aware of benefits and services. The vision of VIC currently encompasses three related components:

1) Education on Benefits and Programs for veterans;

2) Veteran Culture Education and Training for facility staff; and

3) Quality of Life Recognition and Communication for the veterans.

In 2017, the “Veterans In Care” (VIC) Program expanded to “home care” partners . It is proving to be heartwarming and beneficial to the veterans and the facility staff and demonstrates that we as a state truly care about those who served our country and those who provide care to our veteran population.

Do you know of a home bound veteran or an assisted living, skilled care facility that may be interested in the Veterans in Care program? For more information, to volunteer, or schedule an event, contact Kenna Blanken at Blankenk@veterans.nv.gov