• Sep 29, 2023
  • 2:32 AM

NDVS-Certified Nursing Assistant 1- Southern Nevada State Veterans Home – Boulder City, NV

Position Description
Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) perform basic restorative services and basic nursing services which are directed at the safety, comfort, personal hygiene, basic mental health and protection of patient rights in accordance with the Patient’s Bill of Rights and within the authorized scope of practice specified in the Nurse Practice Act.

The Nevada Department of Veterans Services, Southern Nevada State Veterans Home (SNSVH) located in Boulder City is recruiting for Certified Nursing Assistant 1 positions to underfill for Certified Nursing Assistant 2’s. Under the supervision of a licensed nurse, you will provide personal care, which includes assisting the residents with daily living activities per SNSVH policy and procedures and the Nevada Nurse Practice Act. Duties include monitoring and reporting vital signs including weight and pain; ensuring adequate hydration and nutrition and reporting any concerns; documenting the care given to residents and the specific parameters of health status monitored for the residents; responding to residents’ requests noting changes and pertinent information; and other relevant CNA duties as assigned. Progression to the Certified Nursing Assistant 2 level may occur upon meeting minimum qualifications, satisfactory performance, and with the approval of the appointing authority. This is a 24-hour facility; therefore, day, evening and night shifts are available


Boulder City, Nevada


Nevada Department of Veterans Services

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Full Time