• Jun 13, 2024
  • 9:49 PM

Women Veterans Advisory Committee

In part, Executive Order 2014-08, signed by Governor Brian Sandoval on June 1, 2015 reads: 

‘The Committee shall work to support and assist…in locating, educating, and advocating for all women veterans in the state. The Committee further shall assist with outreach through various means, including the…organization of statewide women veterans events, the promotion of benefits and superior health care for women veterans, and development of programs that inform school children, business leaders, and educators about the important role women play in America’s Armed Forces. The Committee shall assist…to advocate on behalf of women veterans to ensure that programs and policies of the State of Nevada and the Department of Veterans Affairs remain open to women, and ensure that these programs and policies remain mindful of those elements of the veteran experience that are unique to women…’

Click here to view the WVAC Executive Order