• Mar 22, 2023
  • 3:17 PM

Preparing for Nevada’s 82nd Legislature and 2022 Reports

2022 Veterans Legislative Symposia Final Report which shows identified and prioritized State and Federal issues.

2021 Report to Veterans Community on the 81st Legislature (PDF) provides a summary regarding bills of interest to Veterans, military members and their families. (NRS 417.103 requires posting of this report.)

Contact the United Veterans Legislative Council (UVLC) to become involved in the next session of the Nevada Legislature in 2023.  Learn more and join  the UVLC here.

The 2022 Veterans Legislative Symposium Report is being compiled and will be available for review in the next few days. Below are the slides from the 2022 Legislative Counsel Bureau presentation:

2020 Veterans Legislative Symposium Report (PDF) outlining veterans themes identified for the 2021 Nevada Legislative Session.

Consider joining the United Veterans Legislative Council (UVLC); a group of dedicated men and women working to advance important veterans’ legislation. Read more about the UVLC.

80th Legislature

Read the report to the Veteran Community on the 80th Legislative Session (PDF).

View a presentation discussing veterans’ priorities and legislation benefiting veterans and their families, as well as priority issues identified by the Nevada veterans’ community (PDF).