• Jul 17, 2024
  • 7:44 PM

NDVS Leadership – State Veterans Cemeteries

Chris Naylor - Superintendent, Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Chris Naylor is the Superintendent over the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery (SNVMC) in Boulder City. He manages and oversees all daily operations at the cemetery to include administration, landscaping, and burial operations.  His professional work history includes business management, financial management, construction, and landscaping. Under his supervision the cemetery team has completed two major expansion projects and one renovation project. Chris and his team are very proud and honored to assist veterans and their families during a very difficult time and to provide Nevada’s Heroes with a dignified final resting place.

Being the son of a Navy and Army veteran, as well as growing up in Southern California, he spent a lot of his youth around the Coronado Naval Base, the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and Camp Pendleton.  During Desert Storm, Chris worked as a civilian contractor for the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton.  He has a great respect and admiration for the men and women of the armed forces and is privileged to be working in a position that helps to bring comfort to veterans and their families during a difficult time.

Contact: Naylorc@veterans.nv.gov

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Jose "Gabe" Velazquez - Superintendent, Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Jose “Gabe" Velazquez, was hired at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in December 2004 as a Grounds Equipment Operator II. He quickly proved his skillset as a Grounds Supervisor and was promoted seven years later in 2011.

During his employment, Gabe has seen the cemetery go through two expansions and will see another in 2020 as the new NNVMC Superintendent.

Every day Gabe is inspired by the contact he has with veterans. Working at the cemetery provides him the opportunity to honor Nevada’s heroes in a special way. The cemetery receives compliments daily, whether on its natural beauty or appreciation for the much TLC given at the facility in tribute to those who served.

Gabe is a family man and engages his family in cemetery special events. You can see them assisting with set-up and tear-down on Memorial Day or Wreaths Across America.

In his spare time, Gabe is a great athlete and has a passion for teaching youth sports. He has been coaching softball and basketball since his daughter Nadia was 4 years old (she is now 13). He spends much of his time fundraising for their travelling softball team and is also coach to daughter Tatiana, 10 and son JJ, 7.

Although he’s a tough guy on the field, Gabe greets veterans and their families with a warm smile and compassionate demeanor.

Thank you, Gabe, for your knowledge and loyalty to Nevada’s veterans.

Contact: VelazquezJ@veterans.nv.gov

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