• Apr 12, 2024
  • 5:03 AM

Social Media Terms of Use

The Nevada Department of Veterans Services (NDVS) social media pages are considered a community and part of being a community means users are expected to be respectful community members. We welcome questions, comments, stories and photos. However, users that post a comment on our page will take personal responsibility for their comment, use of username and any information provided.

Comment Guidelines

NDVS reserves the right to remove, delete or block comments that:

  • Contain lewd, offensive, libelous, demeaning, hurtful, hateful, obscene, indecent, or profane language;
  • Contain threats, including theoretical or defamatory statements;
  • Contain personal attacks or insulting statements directed toward an individual or group;
  • Contain hate speech directed at race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, or disability;
  • Promote, endorse or sell services or products;
    • Are unrelated to the topic being discussed; or
    • Are of a repetitive or “spamming” nature (the same comment posted multiple times).

Comments are also subject to the specific social media platform’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Upon request of individuals named in comments, some comments may also be removed. Comments submitted on the NDVS social media pages do not constitute public testimony or public record. To be considered public record, all public testimony regarding NDVS policies, documents and/or actions must be pertinent to an agenda item of a publicly held meeting and must be submitted via the appropriate forum. Information on NDVS public meetings can be found on the NDVS website under Commissions and Committees.