• Sep 21, 2020
  • 4:55 AM

Suicide Prevention

You Matter!  If you are in crisis, please call 1-800-273-8255 and PRESS 1!

Governor's and Mayor’s Challenge

The goal of the Governor's and Mayor's Challenge program is to eliminate suicide by using a comprehensive public health approach to suicide prevention. Anyone can participate. Visit our Suicide Prevention Awareness page for details.

Preventing Suicide Is Everyone's Business

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services has a dedicated office for suicide prevention with information addressing every age group. The mission of the Nevada Office of Suicide Prevention is to reduce the rates of suicide and suicidal acts in Nevada through statewide collaborative efforts to develop, implement and evaluate a state strategy that advances the goals and objectives of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention.

Contact the Nevada Office of Suicide Prevention.

Download the Statewide VA Suicide Prevention Resources (PDF).


It is our hope that the Nevada Suicide Prevention Plan will provide a catalyst for collaborative action, improved understanding and increased wellness in communities across Nevada. This plan is based on the strong belief that everyone has a role to play in suicide prevention, and those individuals and groups that address the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of individuals and communities must work together if we are to be effective.

Vets 4 Warriors

Our mission is to provide 24/7 confidential, stigma free peer support by veterans to Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve service members, Veterans, Retirees, and their families/caregivers. Share lived experiences to create an environment of trust that demonstrates you are never alone, there is a caring, empathic voice ready to connect and follow up.

During a Military Family Homecoming, the National Guard Bureau announced the initiation of a new and confidential veteran peer support helpline for all Guard and Reserve service members on December 13, 2011. This began in part to recognize the difficulties of returning military into civilian life, the rising number of suicides in that population and a recent New Jersey soldier who took his own life while waiting for services. The death of Sgt. Coleman Bean got the attention and advocacy of the late N.J. Senator Frank Lautenberg and the action of Congressman Rush Holt. Their services help establish the program at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, a center of excellence for 18 years in peer support.

In August 2013 the program transitioned to the Department of Defense (DoD), DSPO (Department of Suicide Prevention Office). Here our major focus was on the active duty service men and women around the world. We worked closely with the VA’s Crisis Line and not only reached out to service members in crisis but also continued with peer support when accepted.

Vets4Warriors serves all Military, Veteran and Family Members. There are “no wrong doors." Call Vets 4 Warriors support line at: 855-838-8255 (Toll Free) or visit Vets4Warriors website for more information.