• Jun 23, 2021
  • 5:47 AM

Family Connections Task Force

The Family Connections Task Force was created by the Nevada Department of Veterans Services (NDVS) in August 2020. This interagency team was tasked with responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and the isolation some veterans are facing. The overall goal is to foster healthy and positive relationships between veterans living in community settings or confined to their home with their family members. Family members are thought to only be blood related. For this program, family is interpreted as those who offer love, support, dependability, and compassion. Families can be made of old friends, community members, and for the veterans living in care, it is the employees that never fail to assist when needed. This Task Force hopes to serve as a resource for veterans and their family members looking for ways to stay involved in each other’s lives during this time of isolation. All our members pour their hearts into their work so Nevada’s heroes will experience a higher quality of life and an increase in morale.

Also, because of the Task Force, a partnership with UNR’s NEST Collaborative was developed and led to the creation of the Heroes for Heroes program. Visit the Heroes for Heroes page or more information.

If you are in need of assistance at any time, contact Rachel Jelenic at (775) 825-9849 or jelenicr@veterans.nv.gov.

Members of the Task Force

  • UNR’s Nevada Caregiver Support Center
  • Avalon Healthcare Group
  • Strategic Progress
  • Nevada AARP
  • Dementia Friendly Nevada
  • UNR’s Dementia Engagement, Education and Research Program
  • Helping Hands of Vegas Valley
  • Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
  • Lady Vets
  • The Nevada Ensures Support Together (NEST) Collaborative
  • Several community members
  • Northern and Southern State Veterans Homes

What Has the Task Force Done So Far?

Heroes for Heroes

  • This is a program for veterans that are looking for internet or phone based social support during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Now, it’s our turn as members of the community to step up and serve those who have served before us.

Holiday Cards for the Veterans Homes

  • After the success of our Thanksgiving Cards, we had more schools and organizations participate in.
  • We would like to take the chance to thank these groups: St. Simons Catholic Parish, Bishop Manogue Catholic High School, Infinity Hospice Care and the Daughters of the American Revolution in the South.

K-8th Thanksgiving Day Letters & Cards

  • Students from St. Simons Parish School in Los Altos, CA made over 250 Thanksgiving cards for our veterans and their families. These cards were distributed to both the Northern and Southern State Veterans Homes to uplift the residents.