• Jun 13, 2024
  • 10:27 PM


The Nevada Department of Veterans Services (NDVS) encourages all Nevadans to get involved in their community. Whether that means in your local town or city, or in the Nevada-wide veteran community, we have many different way you can get involved, today!


NDVS  has many volunteer opportunities; Whether you are interested in clerical, graphic design, assisting veterans apply for and obtain their benefits, or any number of other opportunities, NDVS would love to have you!

Veteran Appreciation

In order to show our appreciation for the veterans and veteran supporters within our state, NDVS created two honors:

Veteran of the Month

The Veteran of the Month (VOM) award recognizes Nevada veterans who contribute their time and energy to support veterans, their communities and/or the military. “Men and women across Nevada who have made a significant contribution will have achieved excellence by going above and beyond the call of duty," stated Governor Sandoval in his presentation. “It will be an opportunity for all of us to shine a bright light on the work veterans continue to do for our nation."

Veteran Supporter of the Month

The Veteran Supporter of the Month (VSM) award recognizes both active organizations and non-veteran Nevada community members that provide exceptional support to military stationed in Nevada, Nevada veterans, and their families.

Youth Serving Veteran Award

The Youth Serving Veterans Award recognizes the volunteer work of a young Nevadan or a group of young Nevadans who contribute time, energy, and effort in support of veterans, military members or families of veterans and military members. 

Veterans Services Organizations

There are a number of Veterans Services Organizations all across the United States. The VA recognizes a number of Chartered Service Organizations, which means they are federally chartered and/or recognized or approved by the VA Secretary for purposes of preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims under laws administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

But there are a number of other local agencies and business that support veterans and their families within the state. The Pentagon once called this phenomenon “The Sea of Goodwill". Here is a registry of Nevada Veterans Service Organizations.

Nevada's Fallen Heroes

In November, 2014, Governor Brian Sandoval created Nevada's Book of Fallen Heroes.  The book is located at the State Capitol Building in Carson City and each week a page is turned remembering those who gave their lives for freedom.  In the attached pages of this website section are the names of those currently listed in the Book of Fallen Heroes separated by each war.

Veterans Voice – NDVS Monthly Newsletter

Veterans Voice, is the NDVS monthly eNewsletter distributed free-of-charge to more than 4,000 readers to inform the Nevada veteran community on programs, benefits, and services, as well as veteran-centered events, and more! Sign-up to receive Veterans Voice today!