• Apr 21, 2024
  • 8:46 AM

Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation in Nevada Earns Veteran Supporter of the Month Honor and Recognition

By Terri Hendry  
(Carson City, NV) – The mission for Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation is simple and straightforward; “To give back to those who have given.” The Foundation, along with its Founder, President and pilot, Darryl Fisher, have fulfilled that mission and then some. The program provides unique flights, fulfilling dreams of those now in their “golden years.”  
Since 2011, Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation has awarded more than 2,000 flights aboard an open-cockpit Stearman aircraft that World War II aviators used in training. 
It is this mission and service that earned Ageless Aviation the Veteran Supporter of the Month award and recognition. Fisher and the Foundation were presented with the honor at a ceremony in Carson City on July 7, 2017 inside the Old Assembly Chambers.  
Fisher’s biography shows he grew up in a family rich with aviation tradition. His grandfather, grandmother, father and uncles are all pilots. Fisher’s first flight was from his family farm’s grass airfield in Washington. As a young child, Fisher’s father became involved in the business of providing care and service to the elderly. Being raised around airplanes and seniors made a profound impact in his formative years and ultimately, became the genesis of the Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation. 
Fisher obtained a degree in aviation as well as business administration from Walla Walla University. While certified as a commercial pilot, he chose to pursue a profession in long term care. For 28 years, Fisher has and continues to be a leader in the senior housing profession. 
As President of Mission Senior Living and Founder/President/pilot of Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, he has the privilege of making a difference in seniors’ lives every day. 
Fisher is a civilian pilot committed to honoring senior veterans. As captain of a mini-fleet of vintage World War II biplanes, Fisher travels the country dispensing “Dream Flights” to those who served our country. The non-profit group focuses on veterans living in nursing homes or assisted living communities because they can’t get out and travel. Seniors from all wars are eligible for flights, but World War II seniors are a priority. 
The Carson City based foundation is funded via donations and relies on volunteer pilots and ground crews. 
The Veteran Supporter of the Month Award is a program developed by Governor Brian Sandoval and implemented through the Nevada Department of Veterans Services. It recognizes both active organizations and non-veteran Nevada community members that provide exceptional support to military stationed in Nevada, Nevada veterans, and their families.