• Sep 21, 2020
  • 6:38 AM

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Nevada Veterans Advocate Program

If you have immediate questions or would like an NVA brochure emailed to you contact our office at 775-321-4880. Every Nevada Veteran and their family should be able to access information regarding benefits and opportunities they are eligible for. Sadly, many of our Nation’s heroes are unaware of the “Sea of Goodwill”…the outpouring of support offered by local communities, nonprofit organizations, and state and federal agencies. This program educates and certifies Nevada Veterans Advocates (NVA) so that they may help connect service providers with those veterans seeking support.

What Does a Nevada Veterans Advocate Do?

A Nevada Veterans Advocate is a person who helps educate active military members, guard and reserve members, Veterans and their families about benefits and opportunities they may be eligible for. Simply put: Nevada Veterans Advocates are people who want to help others and take the time to learn how to do so!

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