• Jul 17, 2024
  • 6:57 PM

June 2022 – Veteran of the Month/Veteran Supporter of the Month Named

We want to congratulate Len Yelinek for being named Veteran of the Month (VOM) and Race to Erase 22 for being recognized as Veteran Supporter for the Month (VSM) for June 2022.

Yelinek is a Navy veteran and Las Vegas resident. His service to Nevada veterans and the veterans’ community has been incredibly impactful. Over the past several years, he has been a champion for Operation Warm Heart helping to coordinate support for families of enlisted servicemembers at Nellis and Creech Air Force bases. As the State Commander for the Military Order of the Purple Heart, he has helped  promote Nevada as a welcoming place for recipients of the Purple Heart. He worked to obtain more than 100 designated parking spaces for Purple Heart recipients throughout the community. He was also instrumental in getting Interstate Highway 11 designated as a Purple Heart Highway. Additionally, he also served as the treasurer of the Fisher House, helping to facilitate grants and donations needed to support veterans traveling for medical care.

Race to Erase 22 is an all-volunteer organization of civilian, active-duty, veterans, off-road racers, and veteran advocates who volunteer their time to raise awareness about military suicide. They provide resources and information about suicide prevention, treatments, and assistance when in need. Race to Erase 22 also works on trying to erase the stigma of mental illness, and that it is a sign of strength, not weakness to ask for help. Instead of waiting for them to reach out, they encourage the public to reach anyone they think may need help. In certain situations, provide financial assistance or support to veterans in temporary need or provide information of organizations that can assist. They also maintain a memorial wall on their website and ask racers to carry a picture of a veteran who committed suicide to help remember and recognize the impact of suicide on both the veteran and their families.

Want to nominate someone you know for Veteran of the Month or Veteran Supporter of the Month? Read below to learn more about making a nomination.

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Veteran of the Month – Guidelines and Nomination Forms 

The Veteran of the Month (VOM) award recognizes Nevada veterans who contribute their time and energy to support veterans, their communities and/or the military. View the VOM guidelines and and nomination form. 

Veteran Supporter of the Month – Guidelines and Nomination Forms 

The Veteran Supporter of the Month (VSM) Award recognizes both active organizations and non-veteran Nevada community members that provide exceptional support to military stationed in Nevada, Nevada veterans, and their families. View for VSM guidelines and nomination form.