• Apr 12, 2024
  • 3:39 AM

Message from the Director – May 2022

Dear Veterans, Families, Advocates and Friends,  

It is such an honor to receive Governor Sisolak’s appointment to serve as the next NDVS Director. My goal is to bring the same leadership skills to the forefront that I learned working alongside Kat Miller over the past six years. In her role as NDVS Director, Kat was an innovator, who possessed the leadership skills to bring to life her vision for the department. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance and wisdom along the way. I speak for the entire NDVS team when I say Kat was our rock. She always covered our “six” so we could focus on the mission at hand.  

I will put Kat’s lessons to use. I am fortunate to work alongside an amazing and strong leadership team. I’m also blessed that NDVS consists of team members who are passionate about continuing their great work in serving Nevada’s veterans, military members, and their families.   

This month, NDVS will host in-person Memorial Day ceremonies and activities at both the northern and southern Veterans Memorial Cemeteries. Flag-In this year will include a special gift for the volunteers who assist us in placing a small American flag on each gravesite in preparation for Memorial Day. I encourage you to read all about it, for times and details, in this newsletter under Honoring Our Heroes 

I’m also very happy to share we are now able to host in-person ceremonies to honor and recognize our Veteran of the Month and Veteran Supporter of the Month recipients.  Recently, we hosted a special ceremony where these recipients’ received recognition from our Governor. Details about this ceremony, as well as other veterans who have also been recognized for their contributions, may be found under Honoring Our Heroes.   

Speaking of recognition and honors, the Governor has approved a Veterans Services Commission initiative creating a new Serving Veterans – Youth Award. This award is patterned after the Veteran of the Month, Veteran Supporter of the Month programs. It is designed to involve and engage younger Nevadans, age 19 and younger. It recognizes individuals or groups of young people for their volunteer work in support of veterans and military families. Read more under Honoring Our Heroes or visit our website to learn more or to make a nomination.   

Before I wrap this up, I highly encourage you to follow the progress of our Suicide Prevention and Outreach Programs. You may find those stories under Health and Wellness and Programs and Services 

Next month, I hope to share exciting news from our team members overseeing our Education and Employment Program as well as our Housing and Justice Reintegration Program. That reminds me that I would like to welcome and introduce you to Carolyn Carr, our new NDVS Housing and Justice Reintegration Program Manager. She has only been with us for a few short weeks, but you are going to be hearing a lot more about this program in the weeks and months ahead.  

Finally, I have mentioned the word “team” several times. I want you to know I consider our Nevada veterans and their supporters as much of our team as those within the organization. You serve as our inspiration, and I trust that you will lend your support as we embark on this journey.  I look forward to starting this new chapter in service to you. 


Fred Wagar