• Apr 5, 2020
  • 3:34 AM

More Resources for Surviving Spouses

By Janet Snyder

Check out this story, “What We Know So Far:”


The December 2019 DFAS Retiree Newsletter contains helpful information about getting your 1099-R, tools for easily filling out required forms, the SBP-DIC Offset Phased Elimination, the 2020 COLA and much more.  It is available here: https://go.usa.gov/xpMkc

Check here for updates:  https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/survivors/SBP-DIC-News.html  

Nothing changes in 2020. COLAs, cost of living adjustments, are automatic.  Be patient and wait for DFAS to give instructions. Most will happen automatically. Do not call DFAS or a VSO. They don’t have any answers yet.  Each SBP payment is different. Do not ask personal financial questions.

Important Timeline

2020: Nothing changes

DFAS pays SBP. SBP is what you are not receiving, if you are fully offset.  It is different for everyone.  Some are receiving a partial SBP payment from DFAS.  There are no changes until 2021.

2021: Phase-in starts

  • February 2021: You will receive 1/3 of owed SBP plus SSIA plus DIC (paid by VA)
  • February 2022: You will receive 2/3 of owed SBP plus SSIA up to the amount owed plus DIC
  • February 2023: You will receive 3/3 of owed SBP plus DIC. SSIA stops (it is a partial SBP payment)
  • Child option surviving spouses will have the child SBP changed to their name. They receive what their child already receives, but back in their own name.  It remains the surviving spouse’s lifelong survivor benefit.

Janet Snyder, 2011 Founder and first President of the Las Vegas Valley Chapter of Gold Star Wives of America, Inc; 2012 Founder and first President of the Society of Military Widows of Southern Nevada Chapter 34; surviving spouse member of Military Officers Association of America and surviving spouse board member of Southern Nevada Chapter of MOAA.