• May 21, 2022
  • 8:22 AM

NDVS Speaker’s Bureau

As we head into a new year, NDVS is proud to showcase our revamped Speaker Bureaus page. Whether you’re looking for the right speaker or an emcee who will take your virtual conference, webinar or meeting to the next level? Our Speaker’s Bureau is a valuable resource to help you create the event you need.

NDVS is pleased to provide a speaker’s bureau as a free resource to communities and organizations across Nevada! Our speakers are knowledgeable on topics of interest to veterans and military members, in addition there are also great resource as well and they share information on a wide range of topics.

Visit: https://veterans.nv.gov/speakers-bureau/ to learn more about the resource or speaker requests to PIO.ndvs@veterans.nv.gov. When emailing your requests, be sure to include your group’s name and mission, the date, time and location of the virtual event, plus any other details such as length of speech, etc.