• May 21, 2024
  • 4:48 PM

Special Recognitions Given During VAMDAL

The Veterans of the Month, Veteran Supporters of the Month and the Youth Serving Veterans Award recipient were all honored and recognized during the opening ceremony of Veterans and Military Day at the Legislature on March 15, 2023.  

The Awardees list of accomplishments are too numerous to list here. But highlights of their exceptional volunteerism on behalf of veterans may be seen below:  


David Arroues, U.S. Navy
Vetting Director for WAVE (Welcome All Veterans Everywhere). In that role he fields all calls and referrals from the community to WAVE for veterans needing assistance ranging from housing location and costs to medical appointments and VSO coordination to increase a vet’s benefits.   

He maintains positive connections with leadership at the Mountain Warfare Training Center Bridgeport, CA. He also reaches out to younger, recently returning vets to assist them in their re-entry struggles and avails himself of all the training and resources available through the VA.  

George Malone, U.S. Marine Corps
Mr. Malone is a u.S. Marine corps veteran who is a recipient of the navy cross medal.  He never stopped serving his community after retiring from the marine corps with 27 years of honorable service.  

Mr. Malone is active in several veterans’ service organizations. His volunteer work is extensive, supporting several causes ranging from feeding the hungry around the holidays to providing assistance to our northern nevada state veterans home. 

Susan Malone, U.S. Marine Corps
Susan Malone is a U.S. Marine corps veteran, who with her spouse, never stopped serving her community, following 39 years of service in the corps.  

Her involvement with area civic and service organizations is extensive. In addition to her volunteer work, mrs. Malone also takes the time to serve as a speaker and resource advisor to women veterans.   


Jennifer Parlane
Ms. Parlane plays an important role at our northern nevada state veterans home in sparks spending more than 30 hours a week volunteering.  She operates the silver state retail store located inside the home and is run by volunteers.  

This store encourages activity by engaging residents by offering items ranging from snacks, sundries as well as veteran and military-oriented t-shirts, hats and more.   

Nancy Grey
Ms. Grey volunteers at the veterans guest house in reno at least twice a week. Her passion for veterans is evident in her chipper disposition as she works to make guests at the veterans house feel at “home.”  

That is quite an accomplishment when you consider that guests at the veterans house are staying there so they can be close to a loved one who is undergoing treatment at the nearby va. She provides ease and comfort for families going through a very stressful time. 

Tom Zogorski
Mr. Zogorski is a valued board member for welcome all veterans everywhere, or wave. If a veteran is in need of assistance, mr. Zogorski is ready to provide the help and support needed.  

He has done everything from chopping wood to buying clothes, all in support of veterans, including veterans who have recently lost a spouse.   

He is described as incredibly patient and someone who always speaks with kindness and generosity of spirit. 

The bees 4 vets is a program that specifically aimed at teaching veterans and first responders with ptsd and/or tbi the vocation of bookkeeping, a hands-on program where students learn by doing. They meet from april until mid-october. 

Learning the skills of beekeeping teaches “mindfulness” or “staying in the moment”. 


A’Laya Washington
This young woman has accrued more than 400 hours of community service in 2022 alone! She is an auxiliary member of several veterans’ service organizations, including support for the vfw poppy program and dav’s efforts to feed the hungry.  Additionally, she is a member of the local youth football program and helps at her church providing audio and visual services. 

Enjoy photos from the VOM, VSM, YSVA ceremony at VAMDAL