• Apr 12, 2024
  • 4:31 AM

Top Five Themes Emerge as Nevada Veterans Identify Statewide Issues and Concerns

The results are in following the 2022 Nevada Veterans Legislative Symposia held in Las Vegas and Reno in March. Participants of both events helped to identify and prioritize issues and concerns within the veteran community that will be brought to Nevada lawmakers for consideration in the next session of the Legislature. The top five themes that emerged are: 


#5Improve programing for veterans in / transitioning from justice system. 


#4Improve occupational licensure for veterans and military spouses. 


#3 – Honor and recognize veteran's service by reducing certain state fees, offering veterans preferences, and providing medical time off for veterans employed by the State of Nevada. 


#2 – Require service providers to implement the, “Ask the Question” Program to both improve veterans’ health care outcomes, and to inform them of earned benefits. 


#1 – Improve medical and mental health care programs, especially those associated with dental health and suicide prevention. 


The Nevada Veterans Legislative Symposia are held in partnership with the United Veterans Legislative Council. To read more about the symposia results, go HERE