• Jan 19, 2019
  • 12:49 PM

U.S.S. Corvina Model Will Soon Have a Permanent Place of Remembrance

Join us on Monday, August 6th for the unveiling of the new permanent home of the WWII submarine model of the U.S.S. Corvina. The ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m. inside the Nevada State Archives and Library Building located at 100 North Steward Street in Carson City.

The Corvina was the only American submarine to be sunk by a Japanese submarine during WWII. This submarine model unveiling remembers and honors her loss of 82 crew members.

Thanks to the diligence and efforts of the United States Submarine Veterans, Corvina Base, Sparks, the Corvina submarine model will be taken from storage in a garage, to a public setting. The display will serve to educate and keep alive the memory and sacrifices of those serving in WWII. The date of the unveiling event is significant as the U.S.S. Corvina was commissioned August 6, 1943 following her launch earlier that year in May.

A new clear, plexi glass display case has been specially designed and built to protect and house, as well as display the 10 foot model replica of the ill-fated submarine. The new case is also set up to display memorabilia from the Corvina and its crew members.

At one time, the Corvina model was on display at the Reno’s Veterans Administration Medical Center (VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System), but after a remodeling project at the VA facility, the model was moved for safe keeping and has since been sitting in a private garage. Aside from its appearances in parades or other public venues, the model has been out of public sight. With this display, that will change.

The Corvina was assigned to Nevada and is one of 52 American submarines lost at sea.  For more about the Nevada veterans group, visit the Corvina website: http://usscorvinabase.org/

For more on the Corvina history and its fallen, visit here: