• Apr 21, 2024
  • 8:36 AM

Work For Warriors

Work for Warriors is a free federally funded employment program open to all National Guardsmen, Reservists and their immediate family, as well as Gold Star families and Veterans in need. We assist candidates through the entire employment process, from start to finish.

Our program is dedicated to supporting Nevada’s National Guard and Reserve forces. We have experienced staff who conduct briefings and outreach during drills, SRP’s, Yellow Ribbons and special events.

Work for Warriors Nevada has employment coordinators located in 4 offices in both the Las Vegas and Reno metro areas. The Reno location is centrally located at the Plumb Lane Armory. The Las Vegas offices are located in the Northwest at the Clark County Armory, in the Southwest at the Las Vegas Readiness Center, and in Henderson at the Henderson Armory. We also strive to ensure that services are provided to clients in rural and outlying areas by setting up assistance in those locations as needed.

Commitment to helping Guard Members, Veterans, and their family members begin meaningful careers that fit their skills, knowledge, and abilities. This is accomplished through one-on-one assistance and partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

For Job Seekers we start by assessing the candidates’ skills, providing them with any needed resources and assistance before connecting them with our Partner Employers. Our goal is to provide guidance for our clients allowing us to assist them in attaining the position that best fits their skills and talents. Work for Warriors provides employment presentations directly to military units, we attend national and state job fairs, and teach employment skills classes on resume writing, interview skills, and LinkedIn page creation to programs, organizations, and groups by appointment.

For our business partners, we offer free advertising on our website, social media pages, at job fairs, in our newsletter, and in our weekly email rollout to our registered Job Seekers. We provide our Partner Employers with pre-screened candidates, candidate feedback and military skills education.

For additional information visit: https://www.workforwarriorsnv.org or email: info@workforwarriorsnv.org